E-fix E35 and E36 Powerdrives

E-fix E35 and E36 Powerdrives Crash Tested
Prices from: £4,333.00 Exc. VAT
The Crash Tested stamp means that this wheelchair has passed the ISO-7176/19 impact test relating to the use of the wheelchair in a vehicle.
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Experience mobility - pure and simple.

Almost all wheelchairs can be retro-fitted with e-fix and it is so simple and easy to use. The two quiet but powerful drive units within the hub of the wheels make e-fix an ideal companion both outdoors and inside. Turning on the spot and manoeuvring in confined spaces, or safely and powerfully negotiating slopes are not a problem for e-fix.

The speed can be varied from 0.6 to 6km/h (0.37 - 3.7mph) through a controller that is easy to operate. The lower the speed selected, the more manoeuvrable the driving behaviour. In addition the compact control unit offers you excellent comfort. It's clear backlit display shows all of the important information such as battery capacity and speed, and if you so wish, you can adapt the e-fix to your personal requirements using the intuitive menu navigation.

At only 2kg, the battery pack of your e-fix is extremely light, and at 8cm wide, exceptionally slimline as well. Thanks to its cleverly designed battery mount, one hand is enough for installation and removal. Most folding wheelchairs can even be folded up with the battery in place.

With the optionally available heavy duty drive wheels with more power (E36), e-fix can be used by people weighing up to 160Kg (352lb). The standard e-fix has been designed for people up to a maximum wight of 120kg (264lb). 

The e-fix E36 Heavy Duty version is priced from £5,010.

Key Features

Crash Tested

Seat Width: N/A

User Weight Limit: 160kg 352lbs

Dimensions: Fits to most models of manual wheelchairs. Call us for more information

Battery: 2kg

Range: Up to 16km

Speed: Up to 6kmh

Features 11: Crash Tested

e-fix E35 and E36 electrical add-on drives combine the benefits of both power and manual wheelchairs.

Brand: Alber

Product Code: GS-EFP

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