Axiom SP Fluid

Axiom SP Fluid
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Like the Axiom SP Visco, the Axiom SP Fluid is designed to provide increased immersion, allowing the trochanters to bear an effective load, widening the base of support, and reducing the load the Ischial Tuberosities must bear. The Axiom SP Fluid uses a Hydrolite fluid bladder instead of Viscoelastic Foam. The bladder rests directly under the super stretch outer cover, allowing it to conform to the tissues supporting the Ischial Tuberosities. Hydrolite is a non-Newtonian fluid that behaves as a solid under the force of gravity, but flows as a viscous fluid under load, which can help minimise shear. It is also incredibly light, eliminating the "weight penalty" of other fluid cushions.

Key Features

Super 4-way stretch Lycra outer cover material reduces sur face tension. Outer cover features a spacer fabric layer with a horseshoe design, providing microclimatic air flow along with layer reduction over the Hydrolite fluid bladder. The Hydrolite fluid bladder is designed to sit on top of the waterproof inner cover; reducing sur face tension and maximizing envelopment of the ischia and coccyx.

User Weight Limit: 350lbs, 158Kg

Overall Width: 14"-22"

Overall Length: 14"-20"

Dimensions: Height 4.5

The Axiom SP Fluid Cushion offers skin protection and positioning with fluid for increased immersion.

Brand: Axiom

Product Code: GS-AXSPF


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