E-motion M15 Powerdrive - EX DEMO ONLY

E-motion M15 Powerdrive - EX DEMO ONLY Crash Tested
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The Crash Tested stamp means that this wheelchair has passed the ISO-7176/19 impact test relating to the use of the wheelchair in a vehicle.
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e-motion M15, the latest version of the e-motion powerdrive from Alber, combines ease of mobility with therapeutic benefit, so even users with limited strength can move around independently. Minimal effort is required to push the chair and users can travel longer distances in their own manual wheelchair, negotiating slopes and ramps easily and without assistance. State of the art lithium-ion batteries give massively increased range - up to 15 miles depending on conditions. Easy to fit, e-motion M15's small fixing brackets do not affect the dynamics of the chair when in manual mode and both wheels and integrated batteries can be detached and stowed away in the boot of a car in a matter of seconds. Range approx. 25 km Maximum permitted total weight 180 kg (396 lb) Maximum user weight 130 kg (286 lb)

What others are saying:

'With the Alber e-Motion M15 it’s possible to have all the manoeuvrability, lightness and compactness of one of today’s set-you-free wheelchairs, with the power of shoulder-protecting, energy-saving electric motors. The new Alber M15 is a remarkable advance. It still fits easily to most makes of wheelchair, rigid or folding. All it takes is the fitting of a cleverly designed bracket for each axle, and your new Alber quick-release wheels can be slipped on and off and speedily revert to normal wheels should you ever want to.'

Barry Brooks, London

Key Features

22" or 24" wheels, 2 Assistance levels for Indoor and Outdoor modes, Optional remote control system, anti-tippers with jack up function to easily remove the wheels.

Crash Tested

Seat Width: N/A

User Weight Limit: 286lbs

Dimensions: Fits to most models of manual wheelchairs. Call us for more information

Battery: 6Ah x 2

Range: Approx 25km

Speed: The speed achieved depends on the strength of the propelling movement, as is the case with manual wheelchairs. e-motion assists the propelling movement up to 6 km/h

e-motion M15, the latest version of the e-motion powerdrive from Alber, combines ease of mobility with therapeutic benefit and fits most commercially available manual wheelchairs.


Brand: Alber

Product Code: GS-AEM15

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