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Alber Twion
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New! Alber twion
Energise your wheelchair
The new Twion power assist offers new freedom and maximum independence. The electric motors equipped with leading-edge digital electronics provide you with extra power for every propelling movement. The sensor fitted to the hand rim calculates precisely the right amount of support.
The silent drive ensures high agility and simple handling. You are actively on the move and reach your destination quickly, efficiently and calmly.
Feel the speed
The dynamic motors accelerate the wheelchair up to 6km/h (optionally 10km/h*)so you can really get going and enjoy the ride! The efficient energy recovery system feeds energy back into the batteries during braking, providing a 10% range extension for greater freedom.
Smart Connection
With Alber's amazing twion Mobility App for Android phone users, you can receive the Alber service directly to your smart phone! For example, if service is required the diagnostic checklist can help to localise the error in the wheels. With the Mobility Plus package functions include: battery status, speed and distance travelled, even calories burned! Simply download the twion Mobility App at no cost from the Google Play Store onto all android-capable smartphones and use the all-round service at any time.
World First Bluedrive
The innovative BlueDrive function allows you to remotely control your wheelchair for free wheelchair positioning when you have transferred out of the chair!
Electrifying Another completely new feature is the use of the innovative EasyConex charging plug. Using magnetic force it automatically finds the correct plug position.
5 LEDs indicate the state of battery charge. After only 4 hours of charging, at least 80% of the capacity is available again.
Remain Flexible
twion is suitable for almost every standard active wheelchair. This is made possible by a small, lightweight bracket that is simply fitted to the wheelchair frame. The user-friendly quick release axle system ensures flexible interworking of the manual wheels and twion wheels.

Key Features

Incredibly lightweight drive wheels at approx. 6.3kg each
Fast and reliable 6km/h and optionally up to 10km/h
Advanced technology including magnetic charging plugs
Connect via Bluetooth using twion Android App
'Bluedrive' gives remote control of your wheelchair
Maintenance free lithium-ion battery cells
Suitable for almost every active wheelchair

Range: 12-20km

Speed: 6km or 10km/h

Energise your wheelchair
The new twion power assist drive wheels from alber - innovative technology at your fingertips.

Brand: Alber

Product Code: GS-ABT

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